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Create News Record

  • Click “+ News Record”
  • Title – Enter title of News Record.
  • Link – Add link.
  • Publish Date – Enter the date when news was published.
  • Description – Enter in detail about the News.
  • Speak Text – Click on “Speak Text” to hear the entered description text.
  • Category – Select the News Category.
  • Click “Save” to Save the record

    Values found within drop down lists would have been created within the Slots page under Settings. If a value is not found admin with access may add a new value in the Slots page within Settings.

Edit News Record

  • Click on the desired news record will open a side panel to be used to edit or delete the record.
  • News Record will appear highlighted and the details will be shown within side panel.
  • Click “Save” when editing is completed, or changes will not be saved.

Delete News Record

  • Click on desired news record to open side panel
  • Click “Delete News Record” button at the bottom of panel

    One click deletes News Record
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