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Deploying a skill

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How and when to deploy a skill set

Deploying a skill teaches Alexa/Google Assistant to learn the language of the custom skill developed using the VOGO Voice platform. It tells the voice assistants how to interpret interacting with the skill. 

  • Every skill has a set of intents, slots and synonyms. If the skill has to accommodate the updations in the language model (adding, editing or deleting intents, slots, synonyms), it has to be redeployed. If not, the new entries will not be recognized by the skill. 

👍 Note: The VOGO Voice platform only supports English language for skills in the United States.

  • In the Skills Settings page, whenever the metadata is updated, the skill has to be redeployed. The changes will be reflected in the detail card of the skill uploaded in Alexa skill store.

Once you have made the required changes in the intents/slots and metadata, click on Deploy at the bottom of the Skill Settings page to facilitate the skill with the new edits.

It may take up to 60 seconds for the changes to be successfully integrated with Alexa/Google Assistant.

Clicking the Publish button will immediately route the skill to the final process of validation and certification. Hence, if you need to update your alterations to the current version of the skill, it needs to be first deployed and then published.

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