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How to create an Amazon Developer Account?

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In order for VOGO Voice to build and deploy an Alexa skill the primary prerequisite is to have an Amazon Developer Account. Amazon Developer Services is a suite of tools and services that enable a developer to build, test and sell applications and games in the Amazon App store. To access the suite, a user registers for an Amazon developer account and avails Amazon Developer Services at https://developer.amazon.com/.

Let’s get you started by taking you through the steps to create a new Amazon Developer Account.

  1. Go to the developer console at https://developer.amazon.com/ and tap the ‘Sign in’ button
  2. In the ‘Sign in’ page click on ‘Create your Amazon Developer Account’.
  3. Follow the prompts and type in your user name, a valid email address and a desired password which will help you log in to your developer account. After providing the details, click on ‘Create your Amazon Developer Account’. (This sends a confirmation mail to the email address you have entered with an OTP)
  4. Enter the OTP and click ‘Verify’
  5. In the Amazon Registration page, fill in the personal information and tap ‘Save and Continue’.
  6. You will be directed to ‘App Distribution and Services Agreement’ page where you can accept the terms and conditions of the services agreement.
  7. Fill in the ‘Payments’ page and save the details.

You have successfully created your Amazon developer account and will be directed to the developer console dashboard. 

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