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Steps for Testing the Skill on Actions Console

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To test any skill on the Google Actions Console, a set of steps are to be followed. To continue, sign in to AoG (Actions on Google). Upon signing into AoG, the user will see a list of all projects to date.  From the displayed set of projects, select the one intended for testing. Carry out the following step-by-step instructional process to test the skill in the Google Actions simulator.

  1. On the Actions Console page, you will see a list of tabs one after the other displayed on the horizontal toolbar at the top of the page. Navigate to the Develop tab that you see on top and click on it.

2. On the page that appears after clicking the Develop tab, you will find a display of tabs on the left-hand side of the screen. Select the Invocation tab marked with the voice icon beside it. You will see a Display name field that appears with a textbox provided right below to input the Display name i.e the skill name of your choice.

 🖍 Note: Display name is also referred to as the Invocation name. In other words, it is the name that is used to invoke the skill.

3. As soon as the user keys in the Display name, the Save button on the top-right corner will be activated. Then, click on Save to continue to the next step.

4. Once the user clicks on the Save button, an ‘invocation details saved successfully’ confirmation message will appear on the top right corner as highlighted below.

5. On the Actions Console page, across the topmost horizontal toolbar next to the Develop tab, you will see a Test tab. Click on Test to continue.

6. Now, it is on the Test page, the user can enable the testing of the skill by clicking on Talk to <skill name (display)>

7. To end the skill session, click on the Cancel button. The user can also cancel with a voice command or simply type cancel/quit within the Start typing box marked with the voice icon beside it. In the screenshot illustrated below, you will find the keyword cancel presented to the user as Suggestions to use within the provided textbox.

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