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What are Intents?

An intent is the high level goal the user is intending to accomplish. It is a user action that fulfills a spoken request. Mapped to the intents are sample utterances which are a set of likely spoken phrases to experience the functionality of the skill.The user action represented by the intent is based on the entire set of utterances. Intents can have variables called slots. 

When the user speaks to the device, the skill filters for the intent and tries to match with the corresponding sample utterances. By filtering the intent, voice device initiates the skill to kickstart the activity. Therefore while creating a new custom intent, provide a name and a list of utterances that users are likely to say to invoke this intent. An utterance can have only one top scoring intent. 

Built-in Intents

In addition to creating custom intents, the VOGO Voice platform has a library of built-in Global Intents for which the skill designer does not need to write the utterances as they are predefined and work with both Alexa and Google Assistant. This simplifies the skill development process for common phrases and intents.  

The Global Intents use ENVIRONMENT namespace, so they are specified using a period: for example,  ENVIRONMENT.Launch. This notation is only valid for specifying the ENVIRONMENT namespace. Periods should not be used in other intent names. These intents cannot be edited by the developer.  

The custom intents that we create always appear at the top of the list. Every new subscriber has access to a set of built- in custom intents which they can view and edit to suit their requirements.

How to access Intents?

  1. Click on the Settings icon at the top right hand corner of VOGO Voice UI

2. Select Intents from the list of items displayed.

1. The list will have all the three categories: Custom intents, Global Intents and Predefined Intents.

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