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Steps to Follow Prior to Releasing the Skill

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Prior to releasing the skill, Google Assistant requires certain mandatory metadata details to be furnished. Given below are those significant steps to be followed by the user to provide the requisite details. 

  1. Firstly, visit the VOGO Voice application i.e. https://development.vogovoice.com/
  2. Next, click on the Google Assistant logo seen on the top right-hand corner of the screen as highlighted below. Clicking on this logo redirects the user to the Google Settings screen.

3. On the Google Settings screen, navigate to the Agent Settings tab after which click on the Go to Directory tab positioned in the middle of the same page as shown below.

4. For a quick deployment of the skill, the user can click on the Deploy tab on the topmost horizontal toolbar next to the Test tab on the Actions Console page. This is the easier alternative to deploying instead of visiting the Deploy page on the app.

5. Next, fill in all the sections listed below the Directory Information page as shown in the screenshot below.

6. Once all the required fields under Directory Information are populated, the Save button on the top right corner will become automatically enabled. Now, click on that button to save the input metadata details.

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