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Linking Skill (Agent) to Google Cloud Platform

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Linking Google Account

VOGO Voice is a highly collaborative platform that supports creating voice apps for both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. To deploy a skill (agent) using VOGO Voice to Google Assistant, the skill needs to be firstly linked with Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

  1. Log into the VOGO Voice platform to initiate the process of linking your skill with the Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  2. Next, click on the Google Assistant logo seen on the top right-hand corner of the screen as highlighted below. By clicking on this logo, it lets you manage your Google account settings. 

3. Immediately a pop-up will appear with the option to Sign in with Google. Proceed by clicking on the Sign in option as shown in the screenshot below. 

4. While signing in with Google account as you can see below, user can sign in using an existing google account or sign in by creating a new account. 

5. Next, you will see a page seeking additional access. To grant the additional access that has been requested by vogovoice.com, click on Continue as demonstrated below.

👍 Note: The access sought by vogovoice.com does not infringe any of user’s private information and is restricted to accessing the dialog flow APIs alone.

6. Once the user has linked the skill with the Google account, the system will automatically navigate to the workspace.

Unlinking Google Account

  1. To unlink the account, click on the Unlink Google Account button that is positioned right below in the bottom left corner of the Google Settings screen as shown in the screenshot below.

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