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Steps for Integrating Dialogflow with Google Actions.

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To enable the skill (agent) on Google Assistant, Dialogflow agent requires to be integrated with Google Actions. Follow the steps below to initiate this process.

  1. Firstly visit the Dialogflow page
  2. Upon visiting the Dialogflow page, ensure to check the URL to see if the Project Id is correct. Then proceed to verify if the Agent Name on the top-left corner is correct that’s highlighted in the screenshot below.

3. On the Dialogflow page, now click on Integrations listed on the left-hand side panel of the screen. Then navigate to the right side parallel to Integrations, where you will find the specification ‘Continue with the integration’. Click on this integration link to proceed.

4. A Google Assistant pop-up will appear. Click on the test tab located at the bottom of this pop-up screen.

5. Once the integration has been successfully completed, the system page will route to the Actions Console page as shown below.

6. If, in case, the integration is unsuccessful and the user encounters the below-displayed error, follow the instructions listed right below to fix the error.

a. Log in to  https://console.actions.google.com. Click on the New Project tab on the Actions Console page to continue. Enter the new project name that is required and choose your country or region from the drop-down list. Next, click on Create Project to continue. 

🖍 Note: Make sure to note down the Project Id or Project name 

b. On a new tab open Dialog Flow. Then, to make a new agent of your choice, navigate to the top left-hand side panel of the screen and click on the Google Agent tab. On the list that appears, click on Create new agent. Now navigate to the Agent name textbox on the top-left. Fill in the Agent name. Next, select the appropriate time zone from the list provided under Default Time zone. Now move to the Google Project field to select any of the existing projects or it can be left empty. When left empty, Dialogflow will automatically assign a project. Now click the Create button that’s located on the top right as shown below.

c. Now repeat the step as in Step 3 listed above i.e. click on Integrations, and then click on Continue with the integration. A Google Assistant pop-up will appear. Then, click on the Test tab located at the bottom of this pop-up screen. The error will be fixed and it will work without any issues.

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