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Database Type: SQL 

Support: Select, Update, Insert and Delete


IBM Db2 is a relational database designed for scalability and flexibility. Owing to its ability to deliver efficient hybrid data management as an industry-leading platform. Being architected for high performance, it has the capability to effectually meet the complex business requirements. With resilience to better support both operational and analytic workloads, it can be used to effectively query data, manipulate database objects such as tables and render database management more effective.

The VOGO Voice IBM DB2 connector provides easy access to execute the SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE commands. 


  • IBM DB2 database with access to connection credentials
  • Ability to whitelist IP address if the server is behind Firewall
  • Knowledge in writing SQL queries

Anatomy of Settings

Defining Settings values for adding IBM DB2 Connection

Name: It refers to the name assigned to the instance of the connector created.

Username: Specify the username for the purpose of authentication in order to establish access to the intended database. 

Password: Provide the associated user password as part of the authentication process.

Database: Furnish the exact name of the database to which access to data is intended.

Host: Provide the host address to connect to the database on which IBM DB2 is running.

Port: Enter the port number used for the purpose of connecting to the database host.

🖍 Note: The aforementioned credentials will be provided by the IBM DB2 account holder to set up the connector instance.

Disclaimer: All password/private information is encrypted when saved within the VOGO Voice platform for your security.

Connector Usage

Now that a connector is established it can now be used within any interaction flow. Each usage of the connector will allow different configurations to retrieve different results. Those settings can be either static or dynamic based on the needs.

Anatomy of Configuration

Defining Configuration Values for IBM DB2 Connector

Name: The name assigned to identify the connector and the results data. The assigned name is used every time the connector is called to action through the components in the interaction builder platform. 

Query: SQL statements are made use of to interact with data in the Db2 database. To learn more about the query language visit https://www.db2tutorial.com/db2-basics/

Caching: To know about caching, click here. 

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