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VOGO Voice platform supports linking the custom skill to event feeds through iCAL format which notifies the users of calendared and scheduled upcoming events. Setting up iCAL feed URL initiates storing and exchanging calendar based events to the platform to be accessed through the skill. 

The Event Feeds section lists all the events pulled in through iCal format by pasting the URL of the feed that needs to be registered with the skill. The iCAL feeds are synchronized and managed by our platform which can be accessed through the skill via built-in Events intent. These event feeds cannot be edited as the calendar information has been imported from third party sources. The refresh frequency decides the time interval for the feed to be refreshed to pull in any new event updates published through the feed to be displayed on the interface. The refresh rate can be set as hourly or daily.    

The Event Feeds screen displays the title you choose for the event feed, refresh frequency rate, category to which the event belongs which is determined by EVENT_CATEGORY slot and details of when the feed was last refreshed. It is not necessary for a pulled in event feed to have a pre-assigned category. In such cases the Category column will be blank. You need to enable an event feed for it to be available on the custom skill. The tick mark under the Enabled column indicates a specific event feed that is enabled for the user to have access through the skill. 

The Event Feed button on the bottom right hand corner of the screen helps you integrate an event feed with the custom skill. While pulling in an event feed you can assign category and type in description for the users to request for a specific event update from third party sources.

Clicking the refresh button against the uploaded event feed will force a reindexing of the feed into the platform. 

Clear data button clears all the event entries from the platform’s version of the event feed.

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