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News & Events Examples

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Create RSS or iCal Feed

  1. Navigate to the News Feed/Events Feed tab
    • Located in Settings
  2. Click the + Feed button in the bottom right corner
  3. Type in a title representative of the feed
  4. Paste in the URL of the
    • iCalendar Feed
    • RSS Feed
    • The button at the right will open or download the URL link
  5. Choose the refresh frequency
    • Daily
    • Hourly
  6. Add a Remove Text sequence if necessary
    • Optional
  7. Add any additional categories to be associated with this feed
    • Optional
    • Events Categories can be added in Slots > EVENT_CATEGORY Predefined Slot found towards the bottom
    • News Categories can be added in Slots > NEWS_CATEGORY Predefined Slot
  8. Add a template that will be applied for all feed items
    • Optional

Template Example:

## iCal has fields time, location, description, title
## RSS example works similarly
## This is just an example, fields may be named differently
Location: {{location}}
{{description}} The event will take place at {{time}}.

Each event will now look like the following example:

Location: PACE Center Get into the holiday spirit as the Chorale and the Symphony treat you to an evening of traditional carols, songs, and a few surprises. The event will take place at 7:30-9:30.

9. Click Save

10. The new feed will now be in the feed grid

11. Sync feed to see events in events grid, or news in news grid

  • Click sync button in row of feed
  • Toast Message will appear when feed has been synced

12. Verify that feed has been synced by navigating to Events/News in left menu

13. Clear feed by clicking the ‘no symbol’, which is a circle with a slash

Create News Records

  1. Navigate to News in the left menu
  2. Click + News in the bottom right
  3. Fill out fields
    • Title
    • Link – is applicable
    • Publish Date – the date that will be relevant
    • Voice and Display Message
    • News Category – will help narrow a user’s news question; can be set in Slots as NEWS_CATEGORY
  4. Save

Note: Only custom news can be edited. Feed news are not editable at this time.

Create Events Records

  1. Navigate to Events in left menu
  2. Click + Event in the bottom right
  3. Fill out fields
    • Title
    • Category – can be set in slots as EVENT_CATEGORY
    • Area – city, general locations, can be set in Slots as CITY
    • Location – address or specific location
    • Voice and Display Message
    • Start Date
    • End Date
    • Approved – approval will allow it to be a searchable event
  4. Save

    Note: Only custom events can be edited. Feed events are not editable at this time.
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