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‘Learn More’ intent serves as a descriptive label to briefly introduce the subject matter of a custom skill to its end-users. It enables users to understand what to expect from a skill by helping them gain insight into the creators or purpose while providing any reference to websites or contact information. 

This step-by-step tutorial is a comprehensive demonstration of how to create a ‘Learn More’ interaction within your skill. Let’s walk through the detailed steps for successfully creating an interaction flow to invoke the ‘Learn More’ intent. 


  •  VOGO Voice account: https://www.vogovoice.com/
  • Access rights to the Intent section under Settings
  • Access rights to Interaction builder platform

Steps to create a ‘Learn More’ intent 

There are some basic steps to be followed to execute a Learn More interaction within a custom skill.

  1. Log into your VOGO Voice account to be directed to VOGO Voice Management Console (https://account.vogovoice.com).
  2. Select the skill to which the Learn More interaction has to be added.
  3. Navigate to Settings on the top right-hand corner of the Dashboard and select Intents from the list of tabs displayed.
    Settings > Intents
  4. Click on the create New Intent button on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

5. In the Add Intent pop-up window that appears, fill in the Name field of the Intent as Learn More along with adding Learn More as a sample utterance. When finished click the Save button at the bottom of the window.

To learn how to create custom intents refer the guide: https://university.vogovoice.com/kb/creating-intents/

How to create a ‘Learn More’ interaction

Now that we have created a Learn More intent, let’s create an interaction flow associated with the intent to be executed through the skill.

  1. Navigate to Interactions on the vertical bar displayed on the left-hand side of the Dashboard.
  2. Click on the Interaction button at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen and select the ‘Learn More’ intent to be directed into the Interaction builder platform.

3. In the flow diagram area you will be able to see the Start and Response component.
4. Roll the mouse over the Response component to see the voice, computer and camera icon on the top right-hand side of the component.

5. Clicking on the Voice icon opens up a Speak pop-up window with a field titled Say wherein you need to type the voice action intended to be spoken to the user in regard to Learn More. 
To proceed further based on the voice action conveyed through Say, you may include an Expect Response. 

To learn more about the additional parameters in the Response component visithttps://university.vogovoice.com/kb/guide-response-component/

6. After populating the relevant fields click the Save button.

To add a display message in a video-enabled voice-assisted device

  1. Click on the Camera icon, and type in a condensed version of the Learn More voice message in the field titled Display Message of the Show pop-up window.
  2. Populate the required fields and click the Save button. 

For further reference on how to populate the additional fields visit https://university.vogovoice.com/kb/guide-response-component/

Testing and Validation

  1. Click on the Test button next to the Flow Editor button on the interaction builder platform. 

2. In the Tests pop-up window that appears click the + button on its top right-hand corner. 

3. Fill the Name field of the Test Response window that shows up and click the Save button.

4. To validate the Test Response, click on the lightning symbol on the left-hand side of the test case.

5. On the resultant Test Response window, the blue chat bubble will cumulatively present the previously input messages within the Response component.

6. Click on the chat bubble to see the details of the individual responses.

Congratulations! You have successfully created a Learn More interaction for your skill.

👍 Note: To test the functioning of the Learn More interaction on your device you have to deploy the custom skill to facilitate the skill with the new edits. To accomplish this, click on the Deploy button seen at the bottom of the Skill Settings pop-up window.

To know how to deploy a custom skill visit https://university.vogovoice.com/kb/deploying-a-skill/

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