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Steps to be followed to create a New Skill (Agent)

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The successive instructions demonstrate the next set of steps that are to be followed after the skill has been linked with the Google account.

  1. Click on the Google icon as illustrated below to be redirected to the Google Settings screen.

2. A Google settings screen pop-up will appear. On this screen, navigate to the top left-hand corner and click on the Choose Agent tab as shown below. Then proceed to the middle of the screen and click on the Create New Agent button.

3. Now the user will be directed to the Dialogflow page. On this Dialogflow page, navigate to the Agent name textbox that’s made available in the top-left position. Fill in the Agent name with the name of your skill. Next, move to the Default Time zone that is partially lower on the Dialogflow page. Select the appropriate time zone from the given drop-down list.  Next navigate to the Google Project field, to select any of the existing projects or it can be left empty. When left empty, Dialogflow will automatically assign a project. Now click the Create button that’s located on the top right as shown below.

4. Next, return to the VOGO Voice application page and navigate to the Google settings screen that was previously visited in Step 2. Then click on the Refresh button as shown below.

5. Now click on the dropdown in the Agent section to select the desired Agent from the drop-down list as illustrated below.

7. Upon selecting the desired agent, the Save button is activated. To proceed, click on Save.

8.  On the Google Settings screen, you will find an Agent Settings tab. This tab has been made available for the user to select the Google Voice Preference from the given list as highlighted below.

9. To deploy the skill, click on the activated Deploy button on the bottom right of the Google Settings page screen 

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