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Create Event

  • Click “+ Events”
  • Event field – Enter name of event here.
  • Category – Choose event category
  • Areas – Select the areas (cities) in which the event will take place
  • Location of event – Enter event address, specific building, or cross streets
    • This information will not be spoken to a user, rather it will be displayed if using a smart speaker with a screen.
  • Voice Message – Type event description here.
  • Display Message – Event description typed in this field will be displayed on a screen.
  • Start Date – Select the date the event will begin.
  • End Date – Select the last day the event will be taking place.
  • Approved Box – Click this box when the event is ready to be communicated. If the box is left unchecked the event is still saved and can be edited, it will not be spoken on the skill until marked as approved.

    Values found within drop down lists would have been created within the Slots page under Settings. If a value is not found admin with access may add a new value in the Slots page within Settings.

Edit Event

  • Click on the desired event will open a side panel to be used to edit or delete the event.
  • Event will appear highlighted and event details will be shown within side panel.
  • Click “Update Button” when editing is completed, or changes will not be saved.

Delete Event

  • Click on desired event to open side panel
  • Click Delete button at the bottom of panel

    One click deletes event
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